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8 10, 2013

What Is Good Posture

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Posture is the position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or laying down. Good posture helps to minimise the amount of strain imposed on our muscles, joints and ligaments whilst performing our daily activities. Proper posture: Minimises muscle strain by keeping bones and joints [...]

2 10, 2013

Dry Needling

By |2013-10-02T03:11:58+10:00October 2, 2013|Blog, Treatment Techniques|0 Comments

Many people think that dry needling means acupuncture but in fact they’re not the same.  Acupuncture is a treatment practiced in traditional Chinese medicine which is based on a body’s energy flow (“Qi” energy). Dry needling is a treatment modality practiced by physiotherapists and it is based on western medicine [...]

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