Staff - Calum Fraser

Calum Fraser

Wilston Physiotherapist

Calum was born into an athletics/health family so he always had an interest in training and rehabilitation.

Calum has a keen interest in rehabilitating injuries, whether sporting; a sprained ankle, a dislocated shoulder or a muscular imbalance created by years of lifting weights, or work related; shoulder pain from overhead lifting or back tightness from sitting too long at a desk.

He prefers using hands on techniques so he can accurately identify the issues and treat in a way which generates the best results. When appropriate he likes to use his training experience from running and weights to facilitate your recovery.

As well as working with athletes Calum has also worked with a major Australian airline performing injury screens/manual handling and rehabilitating their staff. Workplace injuries while different from sporting injuries often share some common similarities.

He finds when issues are addressed correctly, they can often be maintained through specific exercises and simple adaptions to everyday life.

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