709, 2015

Sleep Tips

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It may be tempting of a morning to spend more time in your warm and cosy bed, however most adults only need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, varying according to age and individual need. So work out how much sleep you need, then try to go to [...]

709, 2015

Achilles Stretch

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Stand arms length away from a wall with feet shoulder width apart and hands resting on the wall. Place one foot about 2 feet in front of the other. Keeping both heels flat on the ground, let both knees bend, you should feel like you are lowering yourself straight down. [...]

709, 2015

Tradesmen’s Health

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August was declared “Tradies National Health Month” by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Tradies have among the highest number of injuries, musculoskeletal conditions and other health and safety risks of any profession. Every day 10 tradies are badly injured at work. That is 3650 tradies a year on workers compensation. Nearly [...]

707, 2015

The Importance of Keeping Young Australians Active

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Daily physical activity is vital for all Australian children and young people. Children and young people who accumulate the minimum amount of physical activity every day are at a lower risk of conditions including excess weight or obesity, Type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome and other comorbidities. They are also more [...]

2906, 2015

Chest and Shoulder Stretch

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Stretch the shoulder blades by having your child stand with their arms stretched out, parallel to the ground. Keep the palms facing backward with their thumbs toward the ground. Have them press their arms back as if squeezing a ball behind the back. Continue to breathe normally throughout this exercise [...]

2906, 2015

Technology and Children

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Ninety-two percent of Australian children aged 5-14 use information and communication technologies, including computers. With increased use of electronic screen-based activities correlated with increasing age. As a result of this increased usage, physios are treating more young patients suffering from unhealthy computing behaviours. These can include frequent and long durations of [...]

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