Group Physiotherapy Classes

Sports Massage

Group Physiotherapy Classes incorporate the aspects of clinical pilates, strength and conditioning, injury rehabilitation and correct biomechanics to help you to continue to improve beyond acute injury management.

Do you find that after your injuries are healed and you want to return to work, sports, gym or even looking after your garden you seem to keep aggravating the same injury? Or perhaps a certain movement, a particular exercise in the gym or simply walking up stairs is enough to reagravate an old injury? Group Physiotherapy Classes might be the step that you are missing.

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Exercise Classes

Remedial Massage

Have you not been to the gym in years? Finding your fitness levels have been decreasing? Perhaps you’ve even had a few falls or your balance isn’t quite what it was? Having chronic pains that don’t seem to be going away? Perhaps exercise classes are the next step for you!

Our exercise classes are designed for those of us who are a little more senior, who’s fitnesss levels have declined and you want to exercise in a safe way to progressively become stronger, more stable and to better help your back pains, hips pains or your creaky knees. Exercise has been shown to be effective in giving pain relief and restoring your function.

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