Gait Assessments

All of our physiotherapists are able to competently assess your gait (walking, jogging or running). If a poor or inefficient gait technique is contributing to your presenting complaint, we are able to identify which aspects of the gait pattern may need to be corrected or “tweaked”. Our physiotherapists may also choose to assess your foot biomechanics in order to ascertain whether something there may be “driving” the problem. Subsequently, they will prescribe specific exercises to address any contributing muscle imbalances and they will provide you with advice and cues that will help you focus on establishing and maintaining a more efficient gait pattern. In some instances, physiotherapists will utilise taping techniques, foam shoe inserts or off-the-shelf orthotics to further compliment your gait retraining. They may even refer you on to a trusted podiatrist if they feel you require prescription orthotics to correct more complicated biomechanical problems.

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